15% service fee on paid promotion
No hidden fees.
Keep every penny you raise.

Just click “Get Storyblaster Now” and input your email address. We’ll send a verification email, you’ll click on the link in the email and you’ll be guided to create a password and then taken to a payment page. Simply enter your credit card details and you’ll be good to go.

For just $99.00, you get a 20 through 60-day template (based on the length of your campaign), pre-filled with everything you need to help tell and sell the story of your campaign in the best way to get contributions. For One-Click Paid Promotion, you simply pay a 15% service fee on top of your spend (so if you spend $50, it will all go to Facebook promotion, and you will be charged $57.50). There are no hidden fees, and you keep every penny you raise.

Only 2%-10% of your followers see your posts in their feed without promotion. It takes paid promotion to get your campaign not just to your own network, but to the right audiences beyond who will also want to contribute. Storyblaster’s built-in promotion capabilities, expertise, and proprietary data, takes all the guesswork out of finding the best audience of contributors for your campaign.

It depends on how much you’re raising, how big your audience is online, and how relatable your project, product, or organization is. We recommend spending at least $50 a promotion, and doing it once a week during your campaign. So a 30-day campaign would have a minimal budget of $200 (4 X $50), a 40-day $250 (5 X $50), and a 60-day $300 (6 X $50). However, that is a minimum recommendation. Most crowdfunding platforms recommend spending at least $1,500 for paid promotion over the course of your campaign. The more you spend, the more you can make. With Storyblaster’s One-Click Paid promotion, you can see the results of your promotions, and if we’re making more for you in contributions than the amount you’re spending, keep promoting! Simple as that.

No. Storyblaster is the all-in-one social media software that helps tell and sell the story of your campaign to reach an audience of contributors online. It works with any crowdfunding or fundraising platform, including your own website it you’re set up to take donations. Crowdfunding or fundraising platforms give you a place to house your campaign and a payment gateway so you can accept contributions. They may offer best practices, or provide tips or tools for you before you launch, but once your campaign starts, they don’t run it, write content for social for it, or make media buys for you. They don’t tell you what to say to reach contributors, where,  or why, that actually results in contributions and sales, and, most importantly, they don’t help you get you to your goal.  Storyblaster does.

Better. Storyblaster is a DIY software that does more than any agency would do, at a fraction of the cost. Storyblaster lets you access the same knowledge, techniques, and data of the very best crowdfunding marketing agencies AND in addition, gives you storytelling guidance. All for under $100 and just a 15% service fee on your promotion spend. Agencies charge $1000s, and up to 35% of your entire raise. With Storyblaster you keep every penny. Storyblaster’s One-Click Paid Promotion uses high-end agency techniques and proprietary data given to us from our crowdfunding platform partners to drive contributions from inside and outside your network.